Cotswold Morris side
Merrydowners Morris

Events 2017/18

 01st January 2017  London Tour
 All Day
 23rd April 2017
 St Georges Day - Pinner High Street
 To be confirmed
 19th May 2017
 Harrow Dance Out
 To be confirmed
 29th May 2017
 Denham Fayre
 All Day
 10th June 2017  St Albans Church Fair  To be confirmed
 10th June 2017
 St Marys Church Harrow on the Hill Fete
 To be confirmed
 15th June 2017
 3 Horseshoes Pub - Letchmore Heath
 To be confirmed
 18th June 2017
 BWI School Fayre
 To be confirmed
 22nd June 2017
 Midsummers Day Dance - Twickenham
 To be confirmed
 22nd July 2017
 Rickmansworth Folk Festival
 All Day
 03rd September 2017
 Harrow Recreation Tea Party
 To be confirmed
 08th September 2017   Swanage Folk Festival
 All Weekend
 11th September 2017
 HAWI Pinner Arms
 23rd September 2017
  Whitethorne 40th
  To be confirmed